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About Us

Our Business Philosophy

We only sell official team gear. Period. We only buy from the offical team manufacturers. The objective of our business is to provide a highest quality cycling products and the best service for our customers at great prices. We are avid cyclist ourselves and hope you enjoy our products and cycling as much as we do. Have a great ride!

Our Company

We are located in Santa Rosa, California, USA. All of our orders ship from California. We have been selling cycling gear for since 2001. We focus on pro team, highest quality gear. We only sell official team gear. We are very customer focused.

Our Owners / Employees

ProCycleGear is a family business. We love cycling. We love the feeling of freedom of being outdoors and having the wind blow in our faces. We also have found that having the right gear makes it more enjoyable. Having gear made to the pro team standards will have you look an feel the best with riding.

If you have any questions about our cyclng apparel please emai us at or call us toll free in the USA and Canada at 1-800-377-6308


At ProCycleGear We Care!

ProCycleGear is a proud sponsor of Trips For Kids. Trips for Kids is an award winnig non-profit program that takes under privelidged youths for bike trips. For many of these children, it is their first trip away from the tough neighborhood. We are proud to be listed at a Trips For Kids official Bike Industry Contributer.

Here is story from Trips for Kids latest newsletter. You can learn more about this fine group at

Johnny, 13, was released from juvenile hall 8 hours before our TFK weekend trip and we had a spot just for him. Though reluctant at first,
Johnny really took to the mountain bike. Because of this common interest he eventually opened up to me about why he hated going to school; that he
felt he had nothing to live for and was thinking about suicide. He lives with his mom who has mentalillness and had to fend for himself days at a time.
Johnny said the TFK weekend was one of the best things that had ever happened to him. So this sweet boy with so much heart began going on all of
our rides! Johnny was at youth group last night and of course rode his new bike, wearing his new biking shoes we got him. He has many friends now and really feels plugged in. It has been so neat to see the light go on with a kid who felt like he did not have anything to live for just 6 months ago.