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What is European sizing and why is it different than the USA sizing?

Good question. Most of the gear we sell is made in Italy where they use Euro sizing. It runs about one size small compared to USA sizing. For example if you wear a jersey made for the USA market like say Primal or Pearl Izumi in size Medium you would wear an Euro L4 in pro team gear.


What do you mean by "Pro Team Quality"?

The pro cyclists are only going to wear top quality clothing to get the best race results. They pick only the best manufacturers. That is who we carry. The material, designs, and workmanship are the best available. We want you to have great riding experiences and come back for more gear! We only sell official team gear made from the same factories the teams use.


Is the item in stock?

Our website will show buy it buttons when the item is stock or expected within two days.


When will I get my item?

We ship most orders next business day. Some items will take a few extra days. If you need an item right away, we recommend our express service. You will always receive an email from us with shipping information when we ship.


Do you ship to Australia?

We ship all over the world. We are happy to ship Down Under as well as Europe, South America, and Asia!


Where are you located and what currency are your prices in?

We are in California in the USA. Our prices are in USA dollars.


Do you sell fake team clothing?

Absolutely not. The fake sets you see are low quality copies make in China.  If you see a site selling waist shorts (instead of the bib shorts the teams really wear) you are looking at cheap, low quality, fake copies. We only sell official team gear.