How to Wash Your Cycling Clothing

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We wanted to give you some tips on how to make your cycling jerseys and bib shorts last the longest. 

We recommend:

Hand wash and hang dry or

Wash in machine at gentle cycle,  dry in machine a low temperature

We do not recommend:

Machine wash in other cycles then gentle

Drying in machine at high heat

Fabric softeners

Following these simple tips will keep you gear lasting longer

Covid 19 Virus Statement

We understand this is a stressful time and we wanted you to keep safe and wish your family and friends continued good health.Social Distancing Works!The data is coming in and keeping apart is dropping infection rates.  Please practice social distancing.Ride your bike!Riding your bike alone or six feet from your mates is allowed.  It is [...]

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Happy Holiday Safe Riding TIps

We would like to wish everyone a wonderful holidays.   We hope you get a chance for some cycling enjoyment and time with the people you care about.   Since we care about you,  we thought we would share some tips to help make you ride safe and enjoyable.1) Plan you ride upfront for best [...]

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Feel Fast. Look Strong

You might have noticed our new tag line under the ProCycleGear logo: Feel Fast.  Look Strong.   Here is some background of what it means and why we think it is important.    We have talked to lots of cyclist over the years from all abilities.  One thing new riders and pro riders agree on [...]

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Who will Win this year's Tour De France?

This year's Tour De France kicks off on July 6 in Belgium.   This is the most exciting race every year for Pro Cycling fans.   This year will be especially thrilling because there are many riders in contention. recently put out a list of the five top contenders based on June form. [...]

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Farewell Paul Sherwin. You will be missed.

I have been following professional cycling as fan for twenty years.    I remember watching those early tours and the excitement and enthusiasm I had.    I had no idea what was going on.   Paul Sherwin (and his longtime partner Phil Liggett really opened up the sport for me.   His clear explanations and clever wit [...]

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The most awesome man cave ever!

Our buddy Chester just sent us this picture of his amazing interior decorations.   The bike is a Bottecchia.   He not only has great taste in jerseys but uses the hangers so he can rotate and show off different kits from his collection.If there was a podium for great room decor,  Chester would be on it right [...]

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Incredible Race!

It was really an amazing privilege to see the Vuelta in person.  The race, the crowds and the excitement were off the charts.   I was happy to see a new champion, Simon Yates of Michelton Scott score his first grand tour win.   This will also make next year's grand tours more excited as I am [...]

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We are at the Vuelta

We are enjoying the Vuelta this week in Spain and it has been a  blast.   The people, the racing, and of course the food and wine have been out of this world.   The is nothing like seeing the racing and all the teams up close.   Here are some picture from a mountain stage. Here is [...]

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Tour De France Fun Facts

Here are 20 Tour De France Facts for all you Tour fans.This is the 105th edition of the Tour de FranceIt start Saturday, July 7It ends on Sunday, July 29 There are 22 teamsEach team has 8 riders (down from 9 in the previous years)There are, will 21-stages 12 stages are in the mountains of the Alps4 stages [...]

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