Alessio Bianchi's Giant of The Peloton

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Selling pro team clothing for 15 years I have had the pleasure of meeting a few professional cyclist.  One of my favorite is Magnus Backstedt.

During his pro career, Magnus was a great sprinter.   Magus has one both Paris-Roubaix and a stage in the Tour De France.  He also a very friendly and engaging person.   

One of the memorable things about Magnus is his size.  In a sport that seems dominated by small riders,  Magus is 6 feet 4 inches tall.   For this he was nicknamed "The giant of the peloton".   Interesting fact is that he wore the Euro Size L4.   Most of the riders wear Euro S2 or Euro M3.  So even the giant is actually quite trim.   

I point this out because here in America, most riders are Euro XL5.  Yep, we grow em bigger here.   Also most of us don't have five hours a day to train each day.

But getting back to Magnus,  he is still competitive and is competing in Ironmans.  Hooray for Magnus.  Also you can check out the cool Alessio Bianchi kit.