Feel Fast. Look Strong

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You might have noticed our new tag line under the ProCycleGear logo: Feel Fast.  Look Strong.   Here is some background of what it means and why we think it is important.    We have talked to lots of cyclist over the years from all abilities.  One thing new riders and pro riders agree on is they want to feel fast.   Feeling fast can come from training,  nutrition, etc.   Feeling fast can also come from cycling apparel that fits right, is comfortable and looks sharp.    And so when a customer on the phone once told us "The clothes you sell make me feel fast",  we realized that was worth highlighting.

What about "Look Strong".   I was recently doing a training ride on Sonoma Mountain Road.   There are times when you don't feel energetic and you just want to stay in the saddle and get to the top of that ridge.    There are other times when you have the fire,  are out of the saddle,  and really feel powerful.    This day,  I felt powerful.   As I reached the ridge,  another rider was coming the other direction.   I waved to him and he said "Look Strong".  I was thrilled that he had this impression.   I then realized that no matter how bad I feel on the climb,   I want to look strong.

And so that the story behind the tag line.   Feel Fast. Look Strong is why we sell only high quality cycling clothes and why we ride.    And it is our goal that you also Feel Fast and Look Strong as well.