How to get the right size cycling gift

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Our clothing is made in Italy so the sizes are smaller than you would see in USA.   Each item has a chest or waist size to help you find the right size.

Here are some more tips to help you get the right size

  • Email us for help - Send any info you have.  Send height , weight, chest size, and waist.   We have years fitting folks by email.
  • Play Detective - Go in his closet.   Check the labels for size.   If it is made in Italy, then the label size is the Euro size. For example the if the label says L it is a Euro L4.    If it is somewhere else like China, US, etc. it is USA size which is larger.   So a label that says L and made in China, pick the size that says Euro XL5/ USA Large.
  • Measure It.  - Find a jersey that fits him well.   Place it on a bed and stretch it out.   Measure under the sleeves from arm pit to armpit.  This is under the sleeves where they attach to the body.  If you measured 20.5 inches, double that to get a chest size of 41 inches.   That would be a Euro XXL6.

If you have questions,  please don't hesitate to email.   Also we happily exchange sizes so don't stress