Italian Cycling Sizing Fit Explained

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We get many questions about how our made in Italy cycling clothing fits.  Basically they are cut for trim, cyclist.builds. Some USA companies call this a race cut.   These USA companies also market a "club" cut that is more relaxed fit or roomier.  The Italian jerseys we sell are definitively not relaxed fit.   They are fit for cycling!   

Another issue is  the jerseys are made for the European market and have smaller European sizes.   The labels are also in European sizes. Our  web pages spell this our for you.  So if you typically wear a USA Medium, our web pages will recommend a Euro L4.   The label will say L and the bag may say 4.   Don' worry, it will fit.  The label and cut were for Europe but we have translated it for you.  No problemo!

Another way you can understand our sizes is with a measuring tape.   Take a jersey that fits you well.  Spread it out well on a flat service.  To measure the length,  start at the top of the collar and measure the most far distance on the waistband.   This farthest is usually the rear part of the waist band.    To measure chest size,  measure from arm pit to arm pit.  This is under where the sleeves attach the body part of the jersey.    Here are the measurements we made of some Nalini jerseys

-Euro M3-   - Chest 18.5 inches, Length 27.5 inches

-Euro L4 -    -Chest 19.5 inches, Length 28.5 inches

-Euro XL5 - - Chest 20.5 inches, Length 29.5 inches

Have fun measuring!