Making the grade!

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Did you ever have a hill the taunts you?   One that has beat you a few times.   Had you turning back before your goal.

I took on my hill this morning.  1600 feet of climbing with 15% grade.   It is no Alpe D Huez but for me it has always been a challenge.  The steeps parts are after 1000 feet.   Your front tire starts popping up right as you start running out of steam.   Once it was icy and I my tires slipped out from under me on way up.  Once my old triple chain ring failed me and I wound up on the tarmac with the big ring imprinted in my calf.  I switched to compact double after that.

But today was going to be different.   I had not messed with this hill in over two years.   Sometimes things build up in your head and the hill seems to grow in your imagination.  Today I was armed with inspiration and determination.   And I did it.  I hope you get a chance to best the hills you meet on your ride.  Here are some tips:

* Clean and lube your chain.  It will come in real handy for that critical shift.

* Spare your quads.   Stay in the saddle for the long haul.  Get out of the saddle for short strikes on extra steep parts.

* It is your head.   Have you ever heard the stories of people lifting cars off of accident victims?  Your mind is your best hill climbing weapon.   If you think you can ... You can!

As for the inspiration,  here is a shot of the from the top!