Support Trips For Kids! Helping Underpriveliged Kids Experience the World Of Bikes.

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We would like to remind everyone of the great work of Trips for Kids.   The great Robin Williams was a big supporter of this organization before his recent tragic passing.   I remember the first road bike my father bought me.  It was a used Bianchi Record I received when I was a teenager.   I remember a ride with my young friends I took across four California cities.   I felt like a great explorer and it was a feeling  I relive  now whenever I take my road bike out on a long new route.

Trips for Kids creates these feelings of fun and amazement for children not as fortunate as I was.    These children live in poor intercity areas and do not have the option of riding bikes in new amazing areas.   Many have family problems that engulf their life.   Trips for Kids takes these kids on organized rides that expand their world,  give them hope and new exciting experiences.

And you don't have to be a celebrity to help.   I would like to recognize Rod Worth of Australia.   He recently won a Giro D' Italia jersey from us but instead has decided to convert that to a donation to Trips for Kids.   He has inspired us to add to his donation that we will ship this week.    We hope you can help multiply Rod's generosity with a donation by going to the home page and clicking on the Donate Now link.  Thanks.


Mike Evans, also a Giro Winner has added his jersey to the donation.