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Happy Holiday Safe Riding TIps

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We would like to wish everyone a wonderful holidays.   We hope you get a chance for some cycling enjoyment and time with the people you care about.   Since we care about you,  we thought we would share some tips to help make you ride safe and enjoyable.

1) Plan you ride upfront for best cycling roads.    Those main roads you take to commute in your car are not usually the best for road bike riding.   Keep you eyes open for less used roads that may be a bit out the way.   Less car traffic will give you a better experience.   Check you with your local bike club website or bike shop for ideas.   The collective knowledge of these cyclists may surprise you with new route that is very pleasurable.  I have added some creek side bike trails to my routes.  Sure they are a bit out the way but they are enjoyable and car free.

2) Keep a straight line when driving along parked roadside cars .   It may seem reasonable to weave in an out when there are gaps in parked cars along the road to get more space from traffic.   It is best to avoid this and keep a straight line when driving along the parked roadside cars.   Weaving in and out could surprise a driver so it is best to hold a straight line for better visibility

3) Watch for red light runners.   In the past I would really focus on beating my previous training ride times.   When the light at intersection turned green,  I would sprint across the intersection.   A red light runner taught me a lesson.  I was lucky and saw him in time.   Now when the light turns green for me,   I look both ways to make sure the cross traffic has stopped.   Sure, I lose a few seconds of time but it is worth making sure they stop on their red lights.   Please learn from my close call.

4) Be Visible.   Wear some bright colored clothing.  Check out the new bright LED lights.   Try to have some eye catching gear to make sure you are seen.   Stand out and be seen

We wish you very Happy Holidays and Great Rides.