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Covid 19 Virus Statement

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We understand this is a stressful time and we wanted you to keep safe and wish your family and friends continued good health.

Social Distancing Works!

The data is coming in and keeping apart is dropping infection rates.  Please practice social distancing.

Ride your bike!

Riding your bike alone or six feet from your mates is allowed.  It is a great way to keep fit during this time.  Try and stay off bike/pedestrian trails as we have found they can be crowded at this time.

Shipping your orders!

We have prepared for this crisis and are still able to ship orders.  We are following all guidelines from our local public health departments to make sure we are safe and keep the merchandise away from possible virus sources including frequent hand washing and social distancing.

Learn more about the precautions from the CDC

Take care and don't forget to get outside and ride!