The Tour is Coming Saturday July 7th

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Yes is time to get ready.   Check your TV listings.  Set your alarm clock early (in the USA).  This years race looks like it will be a great one.   We are seeing some chinks in the champions armor especially with Garmin's win in the Dauphine riding some of the same mountains in France that TDF rides.

There is one detail you might be missing.  Your 2014 Pro Team Kit.   You can use these one of two ways.  Wear the jersey while the watching the race.    The riders will sense you team support especially if you yell loud.  Note: Please wait to yell until your family, roommates are all awake.

The second way is to go for a ride after each stage wearing your kit.   You might need too since we recommend washing between rides.   /This help prevent saddle sores.

And to make sure you are ready.  We are having a Tour De France Sale a week early.  This will mean you can watch and ride during the Tour with you cool new team kit.   Save $20 on a new jersey and bib set.  Ends 6/29 so order now!