Winter Riding Bottom Selection

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The weather has gotten cooler but that is no excuse to get out of shape.   I wanted to give you a guide to selecting what type of bottoms would be useful.    In then the USA,  winter riding could mean anything from 60 degrees in warmer areas to zero degrees in the Northern and mountain areas.   Because of this variation, outdoor riding in the winter means different gear for different riders.   So here are some ideas going from warmer climates to colder.

Bib Shorts - For the warmest climates,  your shorts may work just fine.   Often using a long sleeve jersey will give your core enough warmth that the shorts are fine.   Thermal bibs are another option that gives you a warmer material

Bib Knickers - Prolonged riding in the cold may not be good for your knees.  Knickers are longer than bib shorts and go over your knees to keep them warm.  Also if you are expecting the weather to warm up,  the knickers won't overheat you.

Bib Tights -   These are long and often have a heel strap to keep you whole leg covered.   These are the best choice for very cold weather.    With bib tights, you legs will be warm and you will find your face, fingers, and toes are now the spots where you feel the cold.

So have fun out there riding! Check out our winter cycling bottoms at here